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What we are

Taco Uprising is a Mexican-inspired taqueria y cocteleria offering top-notch Breakfast and Day tacos, coffee, and memorable agave-forward cocktails and mocktails. Your go-to spot, in a hurry or not.

Who We Are

We love tacos and believe that we can change the world, one meal, and one taco at a time! We’re passionate about people, good food, memorable experiences, sustainability, and community impact.

Our Lingo

Uprising | Uhp·rahy·zing | Noun

Challenging the restaurant status quo to better our communities and the planet

Upriser | Uhp·rahy·zer | Noun

A breakfast-loving, change-driving, adventure-seeking Taco Uprising loyalist

Taconista | Taco·nee·stuh | Noun

A breakfast-loving, change-driving, adventure-seeking Taco Uprising team member

Our Mission

To use business to balance purpose and profit to positively impact our Uprisers, Taconistas, community, and the planet. 

We do things differently and aren’t afraid to tackle new challenges while relentlessly pursuing taco perfection.

Sustainability & Community Impact

We only get one planet and we’re deeply passionate and committed to establishing and improving our sustainability goals and ongoing efforts.

Our Approach

Our Partners

We're proud to partner with other passionate, like-minded businesses that care deeply about sustainability and community impact.

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